TOEIC Part 3: Short Conversations

This section of the TOEIC includes three-or four-part dialogs between two people.

Test taking tips: Don’t be misled by mere a repetition of a word or phrase from the text. Remember the following frequently asked question: the conversation topic, the relationship between people mentioned, the place in which the conversation takes place or the activity people are engaged in

We have discussed TOEIC Part 3: Short Conversations in the class. Now, try to complete the following tasks. Submit it next week (Friday, 30 November 2012)

TOEIC_PART_3_1 Deviena

TOEIC_PART_3_2 Belinda

TOEIC_PART_3_3 Arliyana

TOEIC_PART_3_4 Vivie

TOEIC_PART_3_5 Indika

TOEIC_PART_3_6 Cindy


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  1. thank so much, i am learning Toeic, i hope you will have more post about Toeic Test

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