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M3&4: Banking

Banking –         Kinds of bank accounts –         Expression in banking –         correspondence with bank –         bank loans and overdraft –        other banking correspondence M3&4 Banking  

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STIKOM Surabaya EPT (August 19 & Sept 16, 2011)

Dear students Herewith we inform you the result of STIKOM Surabaya English Proficiency Test held on August 19 & September 16, 2011. To see the full details, STIKOM Surabaya EPT (19 Aug &16 Sept 2011) Regards,

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M3: Office Equipment

  Office Equipment (Office Automation) –         Identifying office equipment –         Describing office equipment –        How to operate it?   M3 Office Equipment

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M2: Noun

NOUN   Noun –         Singular & Plural, –         Countable & Uncountable –         Possessive   Capitalizing words: –         Common/ General nouns –        Proper/ Specific nouns

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M1: Words in Sentences

Part of Sentences – Subject – Direct and Indirect Object – Complement – Adverbial Word Order Kinds of Sentences: – Statement – Question – Imperative Linking Verb (To Be) M1 Words in Sentences & Linking Verbs

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TOEIC Preparation: Meeting 2

Grammar & Vocabulary Part 5: Incomplete Sentences Type 1: Vocabulary Questions (verbs, nouns, modifiers, conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs, prepositions) demo_342_toeic_vocabulary_tests_meanings_by_word demo_342_toeic_vocabulary_tests_words_by_meaning  

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Meeting 1: Picture Description (TOEIC)

TOEIC Preparation Meeting 1

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Meeting 2 (People in the Company)

Dear students,   Here are the materials for today’s  class businessprofiles CV2 M2 People in the Company   Thank you

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Syllabus of Conversation II

Syllabus of Conversation II

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Company Profile

CV2 M1 Company Profile

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