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  1. Here are my Summary
    Name: M Muzamil Indra Cahya
    NIM: 12410100109
    Class: P3

    Link : http://sellizir.blogspot.com/2012/12/1.html#more

  2. arie eka framudita says:

    Nama : Arie Eka Framudita
    NIM : 12390150016

    Tugas B. Inggris
    Kalimat Aktif Pasif

    1. Simple present Tense
    My friend calls me (aktif)
    I am called by my friend (pasif)

    2. Simple Past Tense
    My friend played foot ball (aktif)
    The foot ball were played by my friend (pasif)

    3. Present Perfect Tense
    Dita has watched movie (aktif)
    Movie has been watched by Dita (pasif)

    4. Present Future
    Andri will eat a bowl of noodle (aktif)
    A bowl noodle will be eaten by andri (pasif)

    5. Past Continous Tense
    My father was helping me (aktif)
    I were being helped my father (pasif)

    6. Future Perfect Tense
    Diana will have studied matematic (aktif)
    Matematic will have been studied by Diana (pasif)

  3. arie eka framudita says:

    Nama : Arie eka framudita
    NIM : 12390150016

    Father said “i am going out of town tomorrow (simple present)
    Father said that he was going out of town the following day (simple past)

    Mary told her friends “i have been to Bali twice (present perfect )
    Mary told her friend thatshe had been to Bali twice (past perfect)

    My sister said to me “i don’t like tennis (present progress)
    My sister said to me that she did’nt like tennis (past progress)

    He asked me “How will you go there?
    He asked me How i would go there

    I asked him “When did you get back from you trip?”
    I asked him When he had got back from his trip


    NIM : 13.41010.0011

    1. quick (adjective) – He’s quick at learning new things.
    2. quickly (adverb) – He learns quickly.
    3. bad (adjective) – He didn’t get a bad test score.
    4. badly (adverb) – He didn’t do badly in his test.
    5. easy (adjective) – He thinks math is easy.
    6. easily (adverb) – He can do math easily.
    7. happy (adjective) – He’s a happy man.
    8. happily (adverb) – He works happily every day.
    9. simple (adjective) – The teacher makes difficult things simple.
    10. simply (adverb) – He teaches simply.
    11. slow (adjective) – Tom is slow.
    12. slowly (adverb) – He works slowly.
    13. careful (adjetive) – Silvy is a careful girl.
    14. carefully (adverb) – She climbed up the ladder carefully.
    15. excellent (adjective) – He’s an excellent actor.
    16. excellently (adverb) – He acted excellently.
    17. good (adjective) – Rey is a good singer.
    18. well (adverb) – He sings well.
    19. awful (adjective) – The cold wind is awful.
    20. awfully (adverb) – It’s awfully cold today.

  5. Nama : Max Prasetio
    NIM : 13.41010.0001
    Tugas buat kalimat adjective & adverb :
    1. You did a good job. good (Adjective)
    2. You played basketball well yesterday. well (Adverb)
    3. She is quick reader. quick (Adjective)
    4. She sold her house quickly. quickly (Adverb)
    5. You have to be careful about who you are shooting at. careful (Adjective)
    6. He drove carefully. carefully (Adverb)
    7. He is slow writer. slow (Ajective)
    8. He writes the novel slowly. slowly (Adverb)
    9. Her English is fluent. fluent (Adjective)
    10. She can speak English fluently. fluently (Adverb)
    11. You look happy today. happy (Adjective)
    12. Happily he was not injured. happily (Adverb)
    13. He is sad. sad (Adjective)
    14. Sadly he died before he could see his mother. sadly (Adverb)
    15. It’s silent gesture. silent (Adjective)
    16. Sandy sit silently waiting for somebody else to speak first. silently (Adverb)
    17. That’s impressive. Impressive. (Adjective)
    18. The Toba lake was impressively large. impressively. (Adverb)
    19. Aristoteles have an incredible history. incredible (Adjective)
    20. The tiger ran incredibly quickly. incredibly (Adverb)

  6. UMAR says:

    1.-Her English is fluent.
    -She can speak English fluently.

    2.-He is a slow reader.
    -He reads the book slowly.

    3.-She is quick writer.
    – She writes quickly.

    4.-She’s a good pianist.
    -She plays the piano well.

    5.-dita is a careful girl.
    -She climbed up the ladder carefully.


  7. NIM : 13410100019

    1. – umar is a good boy (adjective)
    – our timnas played well (adverb)

    2 – max is a quick runner (adjective)
    – he runs quickly (adverb)

    3 – the beautiful girl entered into the room (adjective)
    – she is very beautiful (adverb)

    4 – she is a sweet girl (adjective)
    – zulia sings sweetly (adverb)

    5 – rossi is a careful student (adjective)
    – my dad drives car very carefully (adverb)

  8. Name : Muhammad Aris Gautama
    NIM : 13.41010.0022

    1.- Slow : He is a slow thinker
    – Slowly : She eats slowly

    2.- Good : Finn is a good driver
    – Well : Marya sings well

    3.- Bad : He gets a bad result in Civic subject
    – Badly : He kicks the ball badly

    4.- Reckless : He is a reckless driver
    – Recklessly : They ride a motorcycle very recklessly

    5.- Silent : Mike is a silent man
    – Silently : He pass the crowds silently

    6.- Fluent : Her Arabic language is fluent
    – Fluently : She can speak English fluently

    7.- Skillful : His skillful technique is acrobating
    – Skillfully : The old man carves wooden figures skilfully

    8.- Awkward : His car is awkward
    – Awkwardly : Alex did his job awkwardly

    9.- Honest : She is a honest woman
    – Honestly : They doing his task very honestly

    10.- Sucessful : They are a sucessfull man
    – Sucessfully : His last project is sucessfully

  9. Ramdhani Kurniawan says:

    Name : Ramdhani Kurniawan
    NIM : 13.41010.0007

    1.- Slow : she is a slow thinker
    – Slowly : he eats slowly

    2.- Good : yanti is a good singer
    – Well : tina play basketball well

    3.- Bad : she is a bad girl
    – Badly : she kicks the ball badly

    4. .- Sucessful : They are a sucessfull girl
    – Sucessfully : him last job is sucessfully

    5.- Silent : max is a silent girl
    – Silently : she pass the crowds silently

    6. .- Honest : he is a honest man
    – Honestly : They doing his task very honestly
    7. easy – He thinks math is easy.
    easily – He can do math easily.

    8. happy – He’s a happy man.
    happily – He works happily every day.

    9. simple – The teacher makes difficult things simple.
    simply – He teaches simply.

    10.- Fluent : Her indonesian language is fluent
    – Fluently : he can speak indonesia fluently

  10. Iman Nur Bela says:

    NIM : 13410100028
    Nama : Iman Nur Bela

    1. – Happy : She Is A Happy Woman
    Happily : Dewi And Egi Are Happily

    2. – Quick : He is quick at catching a dog
    Quickly : Time Is Quickly

    3. – Slow : A dog is slow
    Slowly : Car Is Slowly

    4. – Good : Slipknot is a good band
    Well : He playing guitar well

    5. – Sucessfull : They are a sucessfull girl
    Sucessfully : Planning is sucessfully

  11. bagas ferry Pradityo says:

    Nama : Bagas ferry Pradityo
    NIM : 13410100021

    1. bad : Dumbo is bad
    He plays so badly

    2. clear : The weather is clear right now
    This job must be clearly

    3.happy : Bondi is a happy kid
    Dini and Dono always doing anything happily

    4. quick : He must be a quick one at championship
    The boys runs quickly

    5. final : Sapu angin’s car goes to final in philiphine
    He finally found his love in philiphine

  12. Vinsa Adi Laksana P says:

    Name : Vinsa Adi Laksana P
    NIM : 13.410100023

    Link : http://vinsaadi1.blogspot.com/p/tugas.html

  13. Alan Kuncoro Raharjo says:

    NIM : 13.41010.0041
    Name: Alan Kuncoro Raharjo

    1. Anita is a careful girl. (Adjective-careful)
    Anita does everything carefully. (Adverb-carefully)
    2. Deva is the most beautiful girl I ever know. (Adjective-beautiful)
    She played the act beautifully. (Adverb-beautifully)
    3. This is a slow car. (Adjective-slow)
    The car goes slowly. (Adverb-slowly)
    4. I bought this soft pillow on sale. (Adjective-soft)
    She grabbed my hand softly. (Adverb-softly)
    5. Is that difficult question or an easy question? (Adjective-easy)
    He easily finished her homework. (Adverb-easily)

    • Alan Kuncoro Raharjo says:

      Sorry mam, correction for number 5
      5. Is that a difficult question or an easy question? (Adjective-easy)
      He easily finished his homework. (Adverb-easily)

  14. Bagas Wiyarso Pujo Prabowo says:

    Nama : Bagas Wiyarso Pujo Prabowo
    NIM : 13410100036

    1. Slow : snail is a slow animal
    my cat is dying slowly

    2. quick : the superhero flash is quick at running
    my dog running quickly

    3. careful : mr budi is a careful music teacher
    mr budi play the bass carefully

    4. final : barry likumahuwa goes to jakarta for the final bass competition
    barry likumahuwa finally won the bass championship

    5. soft : my cat’s fur is soft
    Gaston whistled softly, then: He held out his hand

  15. Nama : Bella Hariska
    NIM : 13.41010.0027

    1. (adjective-beautiful) Ana has a beautiful garden.
    (adverb-beautifully) She takes care beautifully her garden.

    2. (adjective-happy) We have a happy Memory.
    (Adverb-happily) She does her homework happily.

    3. (adjective-slow) I Hate this slow computer.
    (adverb-slowly) The internet speed goes slowly.

    4. (adjective-easy) very easy to get him.
    (adverb-easily) he found the gemstone easily.

    5. (adjective-careless) he worked with careless.
    (adverb-carelessly) she carelessly throw garbage on the street.

  16. Mitchell Febrian T says:

    Name : Mitchell Febrian T
    NIM : 13.41010.0004

    Slow : Hey, It’s not fast food, it’s slow food
    slowly : keep calm and talk slowly, please

    quick : that was quick
    quickly : tell me how to gain weight quickly, please

    good : i’m not a good student, sorry
    well : i wish you well
    ( I’m very well good ) mam it’s adjective or adverb ? confuse

    bad : I have a bad day
    badly : I make this sentence so badly

    Awkward : this is awkward moment
    awkwardly : he bent awkwardly

    clear : Clear up that mess
    clearly : Write clearly and correctly

  17. tito revianto says:



    1. Angie you so beautiful
    2. I am so angry with you because you don’t work well
    3. The car is big
    4. dont broke my handphone
    5. In this room so cold


    1. The car is run quickly
    2. Yessa is easily boy
    3. Keep calm and talk slowly
    4. I wish you well
    5. I make the sentence so badly

  18. Bagus Rahmadan says:

    name: bagus rahmadan
    nim: 13410100002


    1. The waitress was a bad guy. he over charged us.

    2. My English teacher always gives me a good grade. A he is a nice teacher.

    3. The man who is a policeman has a beautiful daugther.

    4. Miss Sinta is very nice. all the children like her.

    5. The car is very dirty. mom is cleaning it.


    1. The soldiers fight bravely.

    2. The postman comes daily.

    3. May boss is out.

    4. I have told you twice.

    5. I will certainly help you.

  19. Yeessa ikoeh says:

    Yessa Satria Chandra Putra


    beautiful i’m a beautiful boy
    beautifully She sang so beautifully that she won the festival

    hard This stone is very hard
    hardly she trying hardly to look me

    Complete I’m trying to complete my task
    Completely oh no, i’m not a girl, I was completely shocked

    High as a boy, i have high standard u know
    highly I highly recommend you to love more and more

    Final It’s not even my final form,
    finally finally i can defeat that final boss in final fantasy 4, unfortunatelly i forgot my task.

  20. filmon andrean lay says:


    Fil is a good teacher (Adjective)
    Sinta did her job well (Adverb)

    She is a beautiful girl (Adjective)
    She dances beautifully (Adverb)

    It’s a slow motorcycle (Adjective)
    He is talking slowly (Adverb)

    Didit is always happy (Adjective)
    He cooks the cake happily (Adverb)

    She is a success girl (Adjective)
    Sinta finished her assignment successfully(Adverb)

  21. Desy Febriani says:

    1. she walks to campus lonely
    2. he rides the motorcycle fastly
    3. the TV will automatically turn off
    4. Andy try to shut down the computer twice
    5. Please drive carefully because the road is snowy

    1. he is handsome boy

  22. Helmi Previanto Firmansyah says:

    Helmi Previanto Firmansyah

    1. He is a very fast runner ,
    she fastly runs to the finish line

    2. He is a quick learner ,
    he grab the book quickly from his bag

    3. He is a smart student he ranked first in our class
    he answer the question smartly

    4. He is a very strong lifter, he won a gold medal in the olympic game
    he lift the heavy stone strongly

    5. He is a honest man, he never lies to other people
    he give the explanation to teacher honestly

  23. sidiq arbingta nurdiwiyandra says:

    sidiq arbingta nurdiwiyandra ( 13410100012)

    1. the stone is very hard to lift,
    she studies the mathematic hardly

    2. that pillow is very soft,
    please, use my laptop softly

    3. she is a good singer,
    she sings very well,

    4.I want to study for final exam,
    finally, I just finished my homework

    5. the tower is very high,
    I highly recommened use that pen

  24. wakhid rahmadi says:

    1. She carried out the homework slowly.(adverb)
    1. smartfren have a motto ” i hate slow” (adjective)

    2. The rich woman learned from experts how to arrange flowers beautifully.(adverb)
    2. ayunda look so beautiful(adjective)

    3.Chewing our food well may be one of the simple acts to help our digestion(adverb)
    3.good luck for your test(adjective)

    4. My mother got up early and cooked breakfast quickly.(adverb)
    4. dedi corbuzier is quick hypnotist(adjective)

    5. happy (adjective) – ayunda a happy girl
    5. happily (adverb) – ayunda happily every day.

  25. Desy Febriani says:

    NIM : 13.41010.0025
    Nama : Desy Febriani

    sorry mam, correction for adjective.
    the sentences less complete.

    1. he is handsome boy comes to my coffe
    2. the blind man can see anything from his heart
    3. that car is very expensive
    4. the ugly duck walks to the road
    5. I want to buy a round table

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