M14: Review All Materials

Work in pairs. Do the exercises below:

1.      Work with a partner and practice the dialog about making appointments.  One student can be the person being called and the other can be the receiver of the call.


Citra Andika


Artha Boga


Victor Lee

reason for appointment

production problems with your order

first suggested date and time

Tuesday at 5 p.m.

agreed date and time

6 p.m.


2.      Practice the dialog about making and answering complaints about your company’s products and/or services.

Calling to: Windy City Toyota

Problem: Had the car painted last week at Toyota, but the paint is already starting          to         come off.


3.     Practice the dialog about checking the progress

The boss gave you a list things to do

advertise the job in the local newspaper             x

call Mrs. Susan in Jakarta                                             v

send fax to Mr. Brennan in Los Angeles                        x

make arrangement for the monthly meeting                    v

finish the press release                                       # (in progress)

write a letter to Mr. Thomas                                          v

4.      Checking Arrangements

Student A

Your Boss has given you the following list of key participants for your company’s annual international sales conference, and has asked you to check that the names are coming. Ring the company. Remember to

  • request your correspondent;
  • identify yourself;
  • explain the purpose of your call;
  • thank your correspondent for the information and end the call


Student B

You work in ABC Company. You are the secretary who has just collected the air ticket below. In the activity, you need to:

  • answer the phone and identify your company
  • find out the caller’s identity
  • identify yourself
  • give the relevant information and end the call


Itinerary prepared for: Mr. Budi Gunawan

Date Flight number Airport check in Time Departure time Arrival time
27 Feb GA 407 Surabaya 16:00 16:30 17:30
1 March GA 502 Jakarta 19:30 20:00 21:00
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