Working on My 2000 words Essay

This week  is going to be a hard week for me and my friends because we have to prepare a presentation for our next 2000 words essay, continuing our previous 500 words essay. I haven’t got my feedback from my previous task yet, maybe tomorrow.

Regarding to the task, I must be provides at least 10 references to support my thesis statement in essay and I find it quite difficult to do since it’s my first time writing an essay in English.  I hope the feedback of my previous task is not disappointing and that will encourages me to do better. In addition, about the presentation, I have to talk about my plan, includes what knowledge that I have gained after I’ve done my 500 words essay and whether  I will change my thesis statement,  regarding the 2000 words essay and  I have to describe it with Rationale map (I’ve downloaded 30 days trial to do this assignment).

Well, I hope I can finish this assignment well and I can increasing my score in order to go study abroad.

Wish me luck.