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  • 2009-Now PT Medix Soft as a RnD Manager

researching and developing new or improved product lines to suit the market needs; bringing new products and processes to an industrial scale; providing new products plan that might be produced by the company based on observational data to community needs; providing product improvement plan based on market surveys that have been conducted.

  • 2000-Now STIKOM as a Lecturer

system implementation and testing; business process analysis; business process manaement; datawarehouse; integrated information system; etc.

  • 1999-2009 PT TII as a Product Manager

making project plan; coordinating developers to make software product according to project plan; managing software development to suit standards and customer needs effectively and efficiently; responsible for products quality.

  • 1995-1997 CV Siskom Jaya as a Business Analyst

understanding the client requirements and putting them on paper in a language that is understandable by developers; act as a bridge between Business team and technical team.


  • 2011-Now Sistem Informasi (S2) ITS Surabaya
  • 1992-1996 Teknik Fisika (S1) ITS Surabaya

Professional Skills

  • Business & Development Software
  • Software Development Framework
  • Standardizing Documentation & System
  • Datamining & Datawarehouse
  • Radiology Information System
  • PACS & Teleradiology System
  • Hospital Information System

Personal Skills:

  • Hard working
  • Well organized and detailed oriented working attitudes
  • Easy adapting to new life and working environment
  • High learning behavior in self and knowledge development
  • Open-minded towards new upcoming technology
  • Creative and capable to work independent

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