4th Months

In my other blog, my previous post was about my story how I came to Jakarta and took course in one of Language Center. Now, I have been here for four months. I had had learn lots of new things in means of language skills. From writing, speaking, reading and listening.

I have to take practice tests almost on every Friday and my results wasn’t good enough to reach score that required and sometimes I feel bored with it. In addition, my laptop, which is accompany me all this time, broke down. So, I have to do my tasks in the campus and my phone radio is now become my friend in boarding house. I’m trying to fix my computer now, and hopefully it will be fine in a short time.

It’s two months left before I get back to Surabaya, back to work and back to teach my students again. I hope what I have here can help me to improve my teaching skill to become better.

Sorry, if my writing still confusing. I’m still learning :)

I wrote this post in my other blog too.