Active and Passive Sentences (English 2 D3 KPK)

A sentence is active when the subject is the doer (or the agent) of the action. A sentence is passive when the subject is the receiver of the action.

Make 5 active sentences and then change those sentences into passive voice. Use the following tenses.

1. Simple Present

2. Simple Past

3. Simple Future

4. Present Continuous

5. Present Perfect

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    Tugas:Active and Passive sentences
    Aktif : Rita writes a story. (Rita menulis sebuah cerita.)
    Pasif : A story is written by Rita (Sebuah cerita ditulis oleh Rita.)


    Aktif : They bought the cars.

    Pasif : The cars were bought by them.
    Karim killed a tiger. (Aktif)
    a tiger was killed by karim. (Pasif)
    Present continues
    He is drinking water (AKTIF)
    Water is being drunk by him (PASIF)
    ACTIVE: Jane helps Tina.
    PASSIVE: Tina is helped by Jane.

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