Evaluasi Heuristic Interaksi Manusia dan Komputer berbasis Usability

Menurut Molich dan Nielsen, suatu pendekatan dalam melakukan evaluasi heuristic antara manusia dengan mesin (man-machine) jika dikaitkan dengan kemudahan penggunaan (usability) meliputi hal-hal sebagai berikut :

  1. visibility of system status (feedback)
  2. Match between system and the real world (metaphor)
  3. User control and freedom (navigation)
  4. Consistency and standards (consistency)
  5. Error prevention (prevention)
  6. Recognition rather then recall (memory) 
  7. Flexibility and efficiency of use (efficiency)
  8. Aesthetic and minimalist design (design)
  9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recovers from errors (recovery)
  10. Help and documentation (help)

Referensi :

Nielsen, J. dan Molich, R. (1990). “Heuristic evaluation of user interface”, in Proceedings of ACM Chi’90 Conference on Human Factors in Computing system, pp. 25-62.

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